More Music from Last Year

Another year, another music library update!

First, a couple of things that happened since my last post. For one, another Game Music Bundle happened (which was underwhelming). And then iTunes Store expanded to Music and Films in a few countries, including Russia. And I am still amazed how Apple manage to make one thing right and then completely fuck up ten other things.

Now onto actual album coverage! As usual, a lot of cover art follows.

Читать далее

緋の境界と二つの夜 -Prologue A and B-

So, I deducted there’s a lot of interest in these two new singles by 六弦アリス:

緋の境界と二つの夜 -Prologue A-

緋の境界と二つの夜 -Prologue B-

People are asking where I got them. Well, I imported them through flutterscape and received the package just a week after C80 (disregard the wrong 夢想演舞 月之理 on the left):

(Not pictured here are all kinds of goodies that came with the CDs).

Anyway, you can get them too! Just ask and you could get them in two weeks easily! (Note, that you could get them much cheaper there, only 20-50% overpriced compared to base price of ¥751 per single).

Besides MooHoo, I know that JapanHomeMaker is willing to assist anyone with these CDs.