Welcome to the second semi-annual journal entry on what I was listening to lately (har, har).

A quick note about my ratings:
1 is for worthless crap
2 is being a neutral point
3 is for enjoyable experience
4 is for great
5 is for epic win

So, in the order of discovery (somewhat). Most noteworthy.

優しい忘却 — ★★★★☆
I’m not sure how I’ve stumbled upon this single. One song 3 times and then once again. But it’s good. I guess.

Aloneluna — ★★★★☆
That was the album that I found first. It was so great, so I’ve gone through all the troubles to find their previous works. Best of all, you can get their works for free and donate whatever you feel like as a thank you in return.
Other works that I’ve got:
Многоточие — ★★★★☆
Their first album. It’s Russian and it’s somewhat different from Aloneluna, but still very good.
12.04 — ★★☆☆☆
A little single to fill the time until their next album (that should be out very soon). Even more different direction that I didn’t like very much.
Also, I have a DVD with their video clips. You can find most of them on YouTube.

Love Songs~また君に恋してる~ — ★★★★☆
Nice voice.

首吊りの丘 — ★★★★☆
Old single, but I got it only recently.
マダム・ヴァイオレット — ★★★★☆
This one took me a long time to get. But it was totally worth it.
独裁者ノススメ — ★★★★☆
And they’re on the roll this year. Two great full albums in half a year.
There’s also a single that I didn’t get 🙁

Plastic Beach (Deluxe Version) — ★★★☆☆
Deluxe version that includes iTunes LP bonus content. A couple of very nice songs like
Stylo, On Melancholy Hill and To Binge.

不自然なガール/ナチュラルに恋して — ★★★★☆
Just a random j-pop single. I guess their popularity is well deserved.

誓い — ★★★☆☆
Paranoia — ★★★★☆
Just a couple of singles that were available in iTunes Store.
Perfect World — ★★★★☆
Latest album that I’ve got. Very nice as always. I especially love Dhobi Ghat.

Rie fu
ツキアカリ — ★★★★☆
An opening for the Darker Than Black. So good.

Which is more widely known by romanized name Yuka Funakoshi.
This was the second great find. She’s so good that I bought all available albums.
プールのにおいの夏 — ★★★☆☆
青空のDance is so catchy
Silent Sun — ★★★☆☆
Morning Bird — ★★★★☆
I like Morning Bird and Bloody Moon the most.
水の輪廻/星の Travelers — ★★★☆☆
Water Reincarnation — ★★★★☆
Pure music (well, except I Am River), pure win.

私とワルツを — ★★★★☆
Golden single. Sadly, I wasn’t convinced by other albums.

Got a bunch of video clips. Never seen them before (except Silence, once). Wasn’t awestruck though. Most of them are poor remixes, which I really don’t like. Also, Japanese iTunes Store doesn’t have the latest album, so I only have a videoclip of Dust In Gravity (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix).

I fear to spent money on her albums. They’re so great, but there’s a lot of them. And I might buy them all. So I hold onto her for now. But I’ve got this one single:
HEART STATION / Stay Gold — ★★★★☆

Electric Samurai — ★★★★☆
The legend of Japanese Electronic Rock. Everyone knows and loves his Battle Without Honor or Humanity.

Another great find. Hard electric/rock and some pop here.
パズル — ★★★★☆
Largo — ★★★★☆
PARADISE — ★★★☆☆
Liberty — ★★★★☆

Weekend Shuffle — ★★★★☆
Found it while searching for 君に胸キュン。 on iTunes. Bought the whole album. 夏の思い出 is so catchy. Considering to buy the rest of her albums too.

future gazer — ★★★☆☆
Honestly, all I hear is variations of only my railgun and late in autumn and maybe LEVEL 5 -judgelight-.

Some random stuff
SA NEScover — ★★★★☆
Just today I’ve found this great cheaptune album by the denizens of Something Awful forums.
Chow Mein — a single track from Mafia II soundtrack. So awesome.
Rapture and some tracks from Believe. (Nostalgia could be a bitch).

Also, a lot of videogames are coming with soundtrack nowadays. And these are what I’ve got.
Gravity Hook HD Soundtrack — ★★★★☆
So full of techno win with a mix of chiptunes.
MAFIA II Official Orchestral Score — ★★☆☆☆
I was disappointed that it was only an orchestral compositions and not a licensed songs, but free is free I guess.
King’s Bounty Саундтрек — ★★★☆☆
Very good soundtrack for King’s Bounty: Crossworlds that could be listened to as a standalone music album.
Darksiders: Official Soundtrack — ★★☆☆☆
Neverwinter Nights Soundtrack — ★★☆☆☆
Overall, it’s not so great, but some tracks are just awesome.

I guess, that should be about everything. Sure, I missed something, but even this list should be enough to show that "I’m not dead yet" 😀

Small addition: also, I have a Civilization V soundtrack too, but I haven’t checked it out just yet.


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